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Cornerstone Montessori is the Brain Child of Mrs. Sylvia George

Cornerstone was founded in the year 2007. Mrs. Sylvia George and her team have over 60 years of experience between them in the Montessori teaching profession.

Our Moto at Cornerstone Montessori is “Building a Legacy”, which to us means, that each and every child leaving the threshold of Cornerstone will leave fully equipped mentally and physically to handle their next step with independence and confidence.

The term Montessori means “House of Children”. Cornerstone Montessori is truly a house of children, our teachers who have a passion for children make sure that every child learns from them and are not averse to trying new methods to ensure that the children leave their walls with all the knowledge they can impart to help them achieve what comes next.

Our curriculums consists of a blend of Montessori and a little bit of traditional methods of teaching and the children at Cornerstone are encouraged, guided and nurtured to grow and learn at their own pace.

lt is our vision along with the passion and dedication of the staff to see that each child gets individual attention, giving them the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds. We encourage our children to experiment with their creativity and apply their ideas to their Art and Craft work.

Apart from class room academic work we also encourage our children to run around and play (scream and shout if they must). We have a weekly music class with a well known concert pianist to help with their all round development.

We at Cornerstone do not believe in the term “Homework”, all the learning and work is done at school, so that the child is not pressured and can relax when he/she leaves the premises.

We take admissions 365 days of the year as and when the child turns 2 years 2 months.


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